Since 1989, CAPELEC designed and manufactured equipment for vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance.

Innovation and technology

CAPELEC is a leading player in the vehicle inspection equipment, supplying technical inspection centres, auto repair and maintenances businesses, carriers and taximeter installers.

Supported by a state of the art R&D Department and expertise in regulatory matters, CAPELEC developps technical solutions for improved user safety adopting an environmentally responsible approach.

CAPELEC developps, design and manufactures all its equipment at its Montpellier site in France. CAPELEC has its own design office and production units. This centralization of operations means that CAPELEC has the capacity to offer engineering services and technical inspection equipment for all vehicle types.

  • Products : emission testers, headlamp testers, EOBD scantools, brake testers, taximeters testers
  • Technologies and regulations : inspection, communications protocols, data centralisation,
  • Markets : inspection (light vehicles, HGVs, two-wheelers), repair and diagnostics

Operation quality system is effective and complies with the strictest regulations. CAPELEC is ISO9001, MID certified and comply with a large selection of world regulations.

Growth that rhymes with creation

CAPELEC has continuously innovated and invested:

1989 | The company is created in Montpellier (34)
1992 | Participation in the AUTOMECHANIKA international trade show
1996 | Creation of the first gas analyser in the CAP3100 line
1998 | Launch of the first rev counters and the EOBD reader
2005 | Introduction of the braking bench
2006 | Acquisition of SARO, leader in the design and manufacture of headlamp adjustment systems.
2010 | Moves to Montpellier new facilities : R&D, production, management and logistics
2012 | New website, new electronic headlamp tester CAP2600 series, new brake tester interface CAP90002013 | Release of new wireless emission testers series : CAP3600 and 3500 series
2014 | Introduce a new generation of brake testers CAP9010-9020 series, and a automatic taximeter bench CAP9650

On the path to innovation and daring

Customers remain the focus.

Teams reactivity, the performances of its logistics, its engineers’ know-how, its post-sales teams’ skills and the professionalism of its sales personnel are recognised the world over and by the main vehicle technical inspection operators: APPLUS, AUTOSECURITE, AUTOSUR, AUTOVISION, CLEANCO, DEKRA, IVESUR, PUSPAKOM, SALAMA, SGS, TUV.